Request to change GP

The Downland Practice receives a number of requests to move their registered GP’s.  These requests are normally dealt with on a monthly basis but can be longer depending on other issues in the practice.  Patients can expect to receive confirmation of their registered GP by text message in response to their request.  Patients are moved from time to time when GP list sizes need to be reduced.  GP list sizes are reduced due to over subscription, (this results in longer waits to see the GP) list sizes are reduced to improve wait times for patients.  Patients who have not yet seen their registered GP but request to move to another GP list can expect to stay with their current registered GP.  The Downland Practice has a boundary area of 120 square miles. In order to ensure that patients can be give appropriate medical care in a timely manner, the GP’s cover a specific area across the Downland Practice Boundary.  Patients who join the practice are allocated their GP according to location.  When there is a GP leaving the practice then a letter is sent to the household advising what actions are taking place to provide them with a registered GP.