Phlebotomy (Blood Tests) – West Berkshire Community Hospital

Dear Patients,

Our local MP Laura Ferris has been very aware of the need to provide a better service for the Phlebotomy from the West Berkshire Community Hospital (WBCH).  Laura has contacted the WBCH and as of the 7 January 2024 the Phlebotomy Service will be open until 6 pm Monday to Friday, this is to accommodate more blood tests.  The WBCH are also offering Saturday appointments for Phlebotomy 08.00-12.00 for routine and urgent appointments.  Routine Phlebotomy is now down to a 4 week wait and urgent Phlebotomy is undertaken within 48 hours.

On behalf of all the patients in the Newbury area, thank you Laura Ferris for improving our local healthcare services.

Kind Regards

Practice Manager