Pharmacy Update

At The Downland Pharmacy, we understand the importance of your time and strive to provide you with a more efficient and convenient service. To help with the queues and make your experience with us smoother, we are implementing some changes:

1. Text notifications when prescription are ready:

If you’re signed up to receive text messages, our pharmacy team will now notify you when your prescription is ready. Please wait for this text before coming into the pharmacy to collect your medication. This ensures that your prescription is ready, minimizing your wait time.

2. Update your mobile number:

To receive these helpful text notifications, it’s crucial that we have your correct mobile number. If we don’t have it, please update it on our website through the change of details page. Change of Details | The Downland Practice

3. Changes to Pre-Orders:

To help our team, if you are able to order your medications online then this reduces our workload. You can do this via:

• The approved NHS App.

• Email

• Submit your repeat prescription slip by post or in person.

4. Medication to be ready after 5 working days:

Please be aware that medication will typically be ready for collection after 5 working days.

These changes are aimed at improving your experience with The Downland Pharmacy, ensuring that you receive timely notifications and have various convenient options for requesting your medications. We appreciate your cooperation in making these adjustments.

Thank you for choosing The Downland Pharmacy. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and look forward to serving you more efficiently.

Best Regards, The Downland Pharmacy Team