NHS app

You can now receive messages through the NHS App Messaging Service.

This is a convenient and secure way for The Downland Practice to send you messages about your care.

For more information: Messaging in the NHS App – NHS App help and support – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

What to expect from The Downland Practice messages

We may send you:

  • appointment reminders
  • test results
  • important updates

We will only send you a message if we need to contact you, for example if we have an update about your care.

We may continue to send you some information by SMS (text) message while we transition to using the NHS App Messaging Service.

How to check if you have a message

You will receive messages here, in ‘View messages from your GP surgery and other NHS Services.’

The best way to keep up with your messages is to download the NHS App on Google Play or the App Store and turn on notifications.

To check your messages:

  1. Log in to the NHS app.
  2. Go to View your messages.
  3. Select View messages from your GP surgery and other NHS Services.
  4. Then select The Downland Practice.

Get NHS App notifications when we send you a message

To turn on notifications:

  1. Log in to the NHS app.
  2. Go to More.
  3. Select Account and settings.
  4. Then select Manage notifications.
  5. Use the toggle to turn notifications on or off.

You will see a new notification from the NHS App the next time we send you a message. Your notifications will tell you that you have a new message from your GP.

You will still receive our messages if your notifications are turned off, but you will not see a notification on your device when you have a new message.

For more information: Managing NHS App notifications – NHS App help and support – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

How to contact The Downland Practice

You can continue to contact the practice is the usual ways. Using the NHS app is the most efficient way to access many services but using it is entirely optional.

For routine queries, please contact us via the website at Ask The Care Coordinator a Question | The Downland Practice

For urgent issues or to speak to a member of the team, call 01635 248251.

For urgent medical issues out of hours, contact NHS 111 or 999 in the case of an emergency.

Your privacy while using the NHS App

If you want to find out how the NHS uses your information, read the NHS account privacy policy.