COVID-19 boosters

We understand the concern surrounding booster COVID-19 vaccines but would like to reassure all patients that we are working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure everyone has their booster at the appropriate time.

We are running weekly searches to find patients who are approaching their booster due date and contacting patients as appropriate. If you have a mobile number on your records, you will be sent a text link to book your own booster appointment. If you do not have a mobile number on record, a member of our team will contact you by telephone.

If you were given a booster vaccination appointment that has since been cancelled, your new appointment should not exceed 12 weeks post initial dose, and may well be sooner than your original date.

To allow us to focus on identifying and contacting the huge number of patients we need to offer booster vaccinations to, if you are waiting for a booster appointment, please ONLY contact us if your first vaccination was 12 WEEKS AGO OR LONGER. Otherwise, please await contact from us.

Thank you for your understanding.