Key messages for spring COVID vaccination

NHS COVID vaccines have saved countless lives, kept tens of thousands of people out of hospital, and helped us to live with the virus without fear or restrictions. But the virus is still making people very ill, and protection against COVID (either from catching the virus or from a previous vaccination) fades over time.
So, this spring, the NHS is offering a further vaccination to those at highest risk of severe illness from COVID. Those who can get a spring COVID vaccine are:

• people aged 75 and over (by 30 June 2023)
• people with a weakened immune system, this does not include all increased risk groups.
• residents of care homes for older adults.

Clinics for the 22 April and 13 May 2023 have filled up much quicker then we anticipated. Those patients who don’t have a mobile telephone,  we have not been able to book you in or offer a vaccine appointment as the clinics filled up in a matter of hours.  We will be looking at a clinic in June and we are taking names of patients who can get a spring COVID vaccine.