GP Changes

Dear All,

As many of you are aware Dr Haider is leaving the Downland Practice mid December 2021.  This is a sad loss for the patients who are on his GP list and also for the practice staff.  Dr Haider’s GP list will be split up between the GP’s whilst we recruit a new GP.  Patients who this will effect will be notified by letter, once the new GP is in post (Feb/Mar 2022) the list will be moved to the new GP.

There had been a number of requests to change GP, please note this is a request and we look at these on a monthly basis.  There may be times when this slips to 6 weeks, this all depends on other activities that is happening in the Downland Practice.  Be aware that GP’s do cover specific areas across the boundary area, this can influence the acceptance of the request to change GP.