GP Appointments

Dear All,

The current Covid-19 pandemic is very challenging for everyone at the surgery.  The number of patient consultations is up 25% on the same time last year, this is a huge increase, to put this into perspective last year we did 12,000 GP patient consultations a month, this year it is over 15,000 GP consultations a month.  GP’s have specimen results (blood/urine tests), hospital letters, referrals to do as well as take phone calls and see patients where appropriate at the surgery, these all count as patient consultations.  Presently the GP’s are seeing their own list of patients so that they keep continuity with the care of the individual.  Some patients have asked to change GP in an attempt to be seen quicker,  a full time GP has a list of just under 2,000 patients and a half time GP has a list of just under 1,000 patients the wait for a routine appointment will be the same.  Patients will have to wait longer for routine GP care.  The surgery have employed extra GP staff over Dec – Feb to meet demand.  GP’s are not immune to sickness and we have to be extra careful if we suspect Covid, we need to keep the patients and practice staff safe.  Replacement GP’s at short notice are very hard to find to cover GP sickness, this does have an impact on the surgery.   The practice reception staff work to a protocol when taking telephone calls so that patients receive the appropriate appointment with the information they provide.  GP’s are not undertaking any non-NHS work at present, this is so that they can concentrate on the core NHS work that needs to be completed. Hopefully we will return to normal service as 2021 gathers pace and the Covid Vaccination Programme is rolled out.