Flu Clinic – 23 September 2023

Dear Patients,

At the flu clinic from 13.00-15.00 on the 23 Sept 23 we had a different system to the one that we had in the morning on Saturday.   The AM clinic went well as we had used named clinics because we had over and under 65’s (needs two different flu vaccines) booked in.  The 13.00-15.00 flu on Saturday between was an all in ‘open clinic’ over 65’s clinic and did not operate well at all, this resulted in longer queuing times for our patients.  We identified that we had a problem and were running 15-20 mins late.  We closed the doors at 15.00 and opened these again at 15.30 (instead of opening at 15.15 as staff needed a break) and then went back to the system we had used in the morning.  At this point we were 15 mins behind, but by 16.00 we had caught up and the last hour ran very well.

Please be assured we won’t be doing the ‘open clinic’ again, patients who are booked in for the flu clinics on the 30 September and the 7 October 2023.