First Dose Pfizer Vaccines

We have been receiving a number of enquiries from patients about getting their first dose of Pfizer as they have heard we have some back in stock or have waited for one reason or another.  A lot of these enquiries are from people who don’t want to have the AstraZeneca vaccine (for whatever reason) and are expecting to be able to have Pfizer instead.   

As a general rule we are no longer giving Pfizer as a first dose, this is due to us only having delivery of Pfizer for second doses and the fact that we will be unable to give them their second dose or guarantee that they will be able to get it done elsewhere.  If there is a patient who has a clear defined clinical need to have Pfizer only and they haven’t yet had it then we can offer it to them but need to make them aware that we are unlikely to be able to administer their second dose.  We are not giving Pfizer as a first dose just because the patient wants it, there is no personal choice or preference.  The only other first doses that we will be giving is to our 16-17 year olds.