Downland Pharmacy – Queueing this week

Dear All,

There are larger queues then normal outside the Downland Pharmacy this week and likely next week too.  There are a number of reasons for this demand for medications from patients and the processing of the prescriptions being slower.   Before Covid-19 we did about 12,000 prescriptions a month, after Covid-19 this was 15,000 prescriptions a month.  We are now processing over 18,000 prescriptions a month, the main reason for the rise in prescriptions is that there are close to 8 million patients waiting to be seen in hospital.  The longer they wait to see the hospital the longer they need to have medications prescribed.  We have some IT related problems that the staff at the practice are unable to resolve.  We have a third party working on this issue and hopefully this will be resolved this week.

Please be patient whilst queuing up at the Downland Pharmacy and respect the staff who are working as hard as they can to process the prescription requests.