Covid-19 Second Dose

Dear All,

Patients in cohorts 1 – 4 will be called in for their second dose at the Newbury Racecourse over the next few weeks.  The practice will either phone the patients or send them a text message with a link so that they can book their appointment.  Please be ready to attend your Covid-19 second dose appointment, this may include arranging transport etc.  As previously mentioned the date of the second dose will vary from the date that you may have received when you were given your first dose.  The reason for the date changes for second doses is all due to supply of the vaccine, staff at the Racecourse have little control on what vaccine numbers and delivery dates.  Covid-19 vaccinations will not be mixed, so if you had a Pfizer vaccine for your first dose then you will be offered a Pfizer vaccine for your second dose, this is the same for Astra Zeneca, this is in line with current UK Guidance.

Volunteers – Many thanks for letting us know you need your second dose, we will be booking these (send out text messages) in the next few weeks.


Kind Regards

Downland Practice.