Care Co-ordinating Team

From 3 April 2023 the Downland Practice will be operating patients’ communication via the Care Co-ordinating team.  The Care Co-ordinating team formally known as the reception team will be contacting patients with chronic health disease so that they can be prepared for their next visit for a review.  This may mean booking HCA and Nurse appointments so that the patient is ready for their Chronic Disease review.  All patients need to be advised that the recall system for chronic health reviews will now take place on their Birthday month.  So, a patient may have had an asthma review in Feb 2023 for FY22/23 but if their birthday is in May 23, they will have their asthma review in May 23 for FY23/24.  It is a change but once we get this year complete the following year FY24/25 will run better as we will have aligned to the Birthday recall system.