Patient Participation Group

Our PPG meets on average every 3-4 months.

Its aim is to:

  • Obtain the views of patient (we now have over 11,000)
  • Acquire feedback from the practice population and parishes on the Downland Practice’s services
  • Assist with and review patient surveys
  • Discuss practice aims and suggest improvements that could be made to the services
  • Be representativs of the practice’s patient population

If you would like to join our PPG please email the practice manager.

We also survey patient opinion via email on various topics. If you wish to participate in this please email

Alternatively, if you are happy for us to contact you periodically by email, please complete this online form. This information you give will help us to make sure that we try to speak to a representative sample of the patients that are registered at this practice.

GP Patient Survey

The results of the GP Patient Survey 2019 are now available – read more