Access to Medical Records

You can now view your medical records (from 1st April 2020 onwards) online via Patient Access. Please visit our Register for Online Services page for information on how to sign up for Patient Access. If you wish to view any further, including anything from before 1st April, you will need to request this in writing.

Copies of patient medical records are available on request from the practice. This is called a ‘Subject Access Request (SAR)’. There is no longer a charge for SARs. Please note however that the practice reserves the right to charge (in accordance with national guidelines) for excessive work or additional information.

Although there is no associated charge for the release of medical records, this is considered private (non-NHS) work and requests may take up to 28 days (20 working days) to be processed.

If you require a copy of your full medical records, please complete the below form and bring it to the practice complete with a form of photo ID.