Medication Review

Our Clinical Pharmacist is now managing routine medication reviews and will work closely and discuss your case with your GP. Due to COVID-19, the pharmacy and GPs have implemented a 3 month ‘grace period’ during which you can continue to order your medication pending a review, unless advised otherwise by a clinician or member of the team.

Please note you currently only need to arrange a medication review if:

  • You have issues with/side effects from your medication that you wish to discuss
  • Your medication review is overdue by 3 months or more
  • A clinician or member of the team has advised you to book a review

If any of the above apply, please call 01635 248251 to arrange an appointment with the Clinical Pharmacist. Otherwise, please continue to order your medication as normal. A list of ways to order your medication can be found by visiting our FAQs page.