COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Dear Patients,

The GP Partners have agreed to sign up to the COVID-19 Vaccination, this decision was taken on the 21 December 2021.  This vaccination programme is likely to be rolled out in January 2021, the location of the vaccination centre is still to be confirmed but it is looking like this will be a central Newbury facility that is able to handle large numbers of patients for vaccination.  The practice staff will all be involved in this process and on the days when there are vaccination clinics for practice patient’s, the surgery will have a reduced capacity for routine appointments.  Depending on the timescales and notice that the surgery is given for vaccination clinic, this may impact some routine clinics being cancelled and rebooked.  These dates will be made available on the website.

The practice staff are now getting prepared to deliver the COVID-19 Vaccination, this includes ensuring the people eligible for vaccination are notified and know where to go and at what time.  There are still a lot of unknowns so all patients are advised to keep watch on the practice website for any news and updates.  We will keep the website updated with any developments on this issue.

The practice will be requesting for volunteers in the next few days/weeks by means of texting patients who are fit and healthy.  We have had some interest from patients who wish to volunteer, the roles required will be clinically or administrative assistance.  We do not know exactly what is involved, this will be come much clearer once the Newbury location is confirmed and the COVID-19 Vaccination facility have an established management structure.

Please follow NHS advice and do not contact the surgery to book a COVID-19 Vaccination, the surgery will contact those people who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.

Practice Manager

Downland Practice